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duo_lims's Journal

Duo Celebrity LIMS
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Celebrity LIMS

Welcome to duo_lims. A Last Icon Maker Standing community focused on celebrities. There's one difference between other LIMS and this LIMS community. At this community you have to submit two icons each challenge, using the same image. people will vote for SETS and not for individual icons.

+ You have to be a member before signing up.
+ Icons must fit LJ standards ( 100x100 and under 40kb)
+ Icon must be made especially for this challenge
+ You can't show your icons anywhere before results are up.
+ Each challenge there will be two images of two different celebrities you can iconize.
+ You should make 2 icons with the same picture.
+ No one can skip the first challenge. Everyone should enter.
+ Everyone has one skip, an extra skip can be earned by promoting the community

+ Participants must vote, unless it's the final round.
+ You have to vote for lesser SETS and a favorite SET
+ The participant with the most negative votes will be eliminated
+ The participant with the most positive votes will be awarded people's choice.
+ You can't vote icons off because of your personal taste, you have to look at the quality of the icon.
+ Be fair and don't try to vote of an icon you think is a too big competition.
+ When we are down to 5 participants skips may no longer be used.
+ When we are down to 6 participants there will be a comeback challenge for the people that dropped out throughout the challenges.
+ Final round will be when there are three participant left.
+ Winner and runner up will be awarded with a banner.
+ Also people's choice and mod's choice will get banners.


Round 1:
First Place: hel_lansky
Second Place: michelle_sarah
Third Place: elena_vlc_15

Round 2:
First Place: lihana
Second Place: elena_vlc_15
Third Place: _virsaviya_

Challenge 3:
First Place: ksi_liv
Second Place: loving_w
Third Place: dance_the_dance

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If you want to be an affiliate with duo_lims, leave a comment here.

Stylesheet by passing_girl and Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide